Our Product

Crack Filling

Prep work for Cracks- 

The main reason why our customers are happy is because we do not cut corners when it comes to the cracks! We clean out all the debris so that our rubber can properly adhere to the asphalt.

Crack Repair Product

Seal NH orders rubber from Thermoflex,the best product on the market for crack repair. Although it cost us a little more money to purchase this rubber, it is worth it to use because it lasts! We have a high quality, commercial grade, Crack filling machine! The machine heats the rubber up to 400 degrees to melt it to a liquid form. After we have cleaned the cracks out all the way to the base, we apply the liquid rubber and make sure it sinks all the way to the bottom of the crack. 

PotHole Repair 

We use a QPR cold patch pot hole repair to repair any small potholes you may have! Any large potholes that need to be dug out and replaced, we contact our paving Contractor!   


Our sealant is a coal tar base with only 20% diluted with water! The sealant you buy from the store is diluted with up to 50% of water. We go the extra mile and add 3 different additives to it so it preserves the life of your driveway. We also add sand to help with adherence and grip. Our Sealant is purchased from Neyra industries in Connecticut. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact me! 

- Sam Schwanke


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