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New Ownership!

Schwanke Sealing has officially been purchased by Colby Mitchell, and the name has changed to Seal NH L.L.C.! Please show hi...



Our sealant is commercial airport grade coal tar diluted only 20% by water! The sealant you buy from the store is diluted with up to 50% of water. We go the extra mile and add sand to it so it does not make your driveway slippery but rather adds grip to it. Our Sealant is purchased from Sealmaster down in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sealcoating can save alot of money for  asphalt owners; unsealed pavement will require repairs starting with the second year and could require a one-inch overlay as often as every seven years. Cost savings will be substantial. If pavement is mainitained regurarly,  Estimated savings for a 100,000 sq-yd asphalt pavement are $127,000.00 over 15 years. If you have any questions about Commercial Sealcoating,  Please feel free to contact me! 

                                        Colby Mitchell



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