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Friday, July 22, 2016

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What is sealing a driveway in the New England States & Four Seasons


What is Sealing a driveway?
Sealcoating is a protective layer added to your blacktop driveway against the negative effects, such as winter conditions, gasoline, oil, salt, and oxidation. Sealcoat is a layer of tar added to the driveway. When done correctly this application significantly slows the deterioration of your driveway and leaves your pavement with a dark black finish. This is why it is good to let a airport grade commercial grade machine sealcoat your driveway. 

How often should I have my asphalt sealed?
It is good to sealcoat every 2-3 years. That time framed is based off how the weather has treated it and how much traffic has gone over the asphalt. 

What kind of Sealer does Schwanke Sealing use?
Schwanke Sealing uses a very high quality coal-tar emulsion sealer manufactured by Seal Master. When purchased, the sealcoat is in a concentrated bulk form and we add the perfect amount of water to it. What sets Schwanke Sealing apart is that we add an additive that thickens the sealant and even helps protect your driveway longer than any other sealant. 

Do I need to wash or clean my blacktop prior to May Sealing Applying Sealer?
No, We will clean all debris off unless you have some serious mud spots. We will discuss what needs to be done there. 

How is the Sealcoat Applied?
Schwanke Sealing has a high commercial grade Spray Sealer system. This system does a very thorough job and has had made many thankful and happy customers. We first do around the house/garage and sidewalks by hand with a squeegee so we do not risk spraying it. 
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